tr7 interceptor road bike

Although lesser known in the UK, the Microshift system is widely accepted in other countries as being more responsive and providing direct, positive and faster shifting. In addition, when faced with a combination of braking and shifting operations, as a rider, you will have far more control and thus confidence. Ultimately we decided, for a fast road application, Microshift would provide our customers with a more positive, satisfying and confident performance feel. If you are going to go fast on today’s busy roads, you at least need to be in control!

With a Microshift race gear-set, an aero teardrop frame construction that is both stiff and extremely light, straight leg taper alloy forks, geometry that suits a fast road application and overall styling you don’t normally see on bikes any where near this price bracket; I guess you are now wondering why some people are paying upwards of £600 for a similar specced bike? You don’t have to, we have proven that yet again. Why pay more? 
The TR7 oozes quality and sophistication and achieves this at the fraction of the price of a similarly specced road bike.