Genuine WPB Stomp 
Solid Forged Pit Bike Lever Set 
New Style
Brake and Clutch All Models
£17.00 Including Delivery

Genuine WPB Stomp 
Pit Bike Lever Set 
Brake and Clutch All Models
£17.50 Including Delivery

Genuine WSM Stomp Pro Levers
To fit All WPB Stomp and Demon Bikes
Available in Red or Black
£37.50 Including Delivery

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Genuine WPB Stomp  
Pit Bike handlebars 
Mini Bike Bars 
Colour: Titanium, Gold, Red, Black, Blue
or Silver
All Models Please Select
£20 Including delivery
Genuine WPB RACE Bars These are Known as Fat Bars they are Fatter than standard 7/8"minibike bars fitted to other bikes in our range, WPB Race Bars Feature a tapered wall profile this enables the clamping diameter(1-1/8" | 28.6mm) to be larger than the control ends (7/8" | 22.2mm Fat Bars will NOT fit any other bike in the Range other than the WPB RACE Series. Strength for the bar is created within the tapered wall profile allowing for a braceless design. This enables a confident level of flexibility in the handlebar
Another Reason Why the WPB Race Series Wins!

£22.50 Including delivery

Pro Taper SE Bars Handlebars 
All Models 7/8ths
£54 Including delivery
Pro Taper XR50 bend to suit all pit bikes
Will fit all crf 50 KLX based pit bikes
Made from high grade 6061 -t-6 aluminum 
includes cross bar and pad
6mm wall thickness extremely strong 
Tube 7/8 inch "SE" size 
Width 740MM 
Available In Standard Rise(high)
Low Rise for Supermoto use. 

Genuine Stomp WPB Parts
Headset Taper Bearing Set
Superstomps/WPB crf70/Demon crf70/crf50
£15 Including delivery
Headset Roller Bearing 
£15 Including delivery

Throttle Twist and Cable
£15 Including delivery

Alloy 1/4 Turn Race Throttle
Genuine Stomp WPB Parts
(Includes cable) 
£25.50 Including delivery

Alloy 1/4 or 1/8 Turn Race Throttle
Genuine Stomp WPB Parts
(No cable) 
£15.50 Including delivery

Throttle Cables All Sizes Inc 1/4 turn
Please Select
£10.50 Including delivery

Stomp pit bike Clutch cables
All sizes please select
£10.50 Including delivery 
110cc/125cc = Non SIG (start in gear) Cable
yx125/yx140/yx150/yx160 = SIG Cable

WPB 160 or Demon 160XLR (2013-)  = ZS155 Cable

Grey WPB Stomp Demon 
Pit dirt bike Grips 
£6.50 Including delivery

Pro Taper Style grips
£4.50 plus £2.50 delivery

Alloy gear shifter
 Red Black or Grey
£16 Including delivery

KTM Style Kickstart available in 13mm or 16mm
Please select
 13mm for 50/110/120/125 & older 140
 16mm for 140/150/155/160
£21.50 Including delivery