WPB Triple Spark
Triple Electrode Spark Plug
Higher Performance
Upgrade to Triple Fire Power with
WPB Triple Spark

Its Not a Gimmick!
With a Triple Spark Plug your ignition System
will have Triple the Spark Fire Power compared
to a Standard plug, this means that there is
Triple the success in getting a successful spark
to start your engine. So Less Kicking.
Its simple, Triple Sparks have triple the area for which a
Spark can arc across. Carbon build up and deposits can
prevent a Spark forming, with Triple electrodes you
have Triple chances of a successful Spark and Start.

Routine Service Kit

All Pit Bike Engines Routine Service Kit
Magnetic Sump Plug
(Cleans your engine of Metal fragments)
NGK Spark Plug
£20 Including delivery

Fly Wheel Covers
Fits all Non Electric Start Pitbikes
50cc to 160cc
£20 Including delivery

Piston and Rings Kit  
£30 Including  delivery 
Please Select Size

Z155 Engine Piston Kit and Gaskets
£37.50 Inc Delivery

Piston Rings Kit All Sizes 
£14 Including delivery

Engine Gasket Kit All Sizes
£17.50  Including delivery

Engine Oil seal kit Output/gear/kick shafts & Clutch
£20 Including delivery

Molkt 26mm Carb YX140/150/160 z155
£34 Including delivery

PZ26 (
Mikuni type) 22m Carb 110cc/125cc
£29 Including delivery

PZ26 Race Carb Upgrade Kit
For WPB Boyo 110cc
JuiceBox 110cc
Demon MiniPit 110cc
22mm Manifold and Gaskets
and 22mm Stomp Filter
£45 Including delivery
Also See 28mm Exhaust Options
to make full use of this Carb upgrade

Mikuni 26mm Race Carb Upgrade Kit
The next level to take for
Performance Racing
To Fit 140cc and 160cc Engines
1/4 Turn Alloy Throttle
and 26mm UniFilter
£85 Including delivery

Ignition Diagnostics Kit
Ignition Diagnostics Kit
Stator Plate, 2xPlugs, Coil, CDI
Everything required to fault diagnose
a non Starting issues due to a Faulty Ignition component
£55 Including delivery

Ignition coil lead & cap all engines 
CRF50 of CRF70 Frame
Red Cap or Black Cap
£12 Including delivery

Coil WPB Race Series
CRF110 Frame
£12 Including delivery

Standard CDI Unit 50/90/110/125/140
£11 Including delivery

CDI YX150/160
CDI Unit for Inner Rotor Kits
and YX150/YX160 Engines

CDI Z155
CDI Unit for z155 Engine
Fitted to WPB 160 and Demon 160

£28 Including delivery

Stator Plate 50/110/125/140
£25 Including delivery

Stator Plate Z155 Fits
WPB 160 2WIN
Demon 160 XLR
WPB Race 160
£27.50 Including delive

Gear Selector Drum Z155 Engine 
As fitted to All Recent WPB Stomp Demon and Thumpstar
160 Bikes
£25 Including delivery

Gear Selector Drum 140 Engine 
As fitted to All Recent WPB Stomp Demon and Thumpstar
140 Bikes
£25 Including delivery

Gear Selector Drum 110/120/125 Lifan Engine 
As fitted to All Recent WPB Stomp Demon and Thumpstar
110/120/125 Bikes
please call to confirm
£20 Including delivery

Gear Repair Set all engine sizes
Gears, Gaskets(Except Z155 & 170)
and Selector Forks
Repairs Jumping out
of gear issues 
Please Select Type
£65 Including delivery

Stomp Kick Start Gears Set
Please Select Type
£45 Including delivery

Engine Bottom Ends all sizes Please Select
From £145 including delivery






Barrel all sizes Please Select
From £45 Including delivery

YX150/160 Z155 

Carb Manifolds all sizes Please Select
From £10 Including delivery

NGK Plug all engines
£9.90 Including delivery

NGK IRIDIUM Race Plug all engines
£12 Including delivery

CNC Oil Cooler Kit and fittings
£33.50 Including delivery
Ideal Race Upgrade to 
WPB 110/125 Boyo
Stomp Juicebox
Stomp 110 FXJ
Demon 125 DXR2

Engine Oil Cooler Take off Plate 
£15 Including delivery

Magnetic Sump Plug for Engine Oil  
£8 Including delivery

Flywheel removal tool all engines
£15.50 Including delivery

Clutch Removal Tool
£15.50 Including delivery


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