Updated 24th July 2019


WPB 190 Beast

Price and detailed specification 
to be announced within a few days.

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Updated 24th July 2019

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Updated 24th July 2019

WPB Race 140 160 Frame Review
TB-3 Frame

After running around like headless chickens for the last 2 months
trying to keep up with the demand and sales of the new WPB Race bikes
the WPB Race team have taken the opportunity
here to discuss and illustrate what all the fuss has been about. 

Take a look at the New TB-3 Frame above.
Racers among you will quickly notice the integral footpeg bar,
this allows for greater sump clearance, less weight and better control.
The WPB TB-3 "Triple Beam" is the most complete frame yet developed
for a Honda C90 configuration engine.Its Geometry is near perfection.
The engine is held rigidly at the optimum position for maximum
power delivery through the new Gull Wing Swingarm to deliver the
engines full drive potential to your rear wheel.
The WPB TB-3 frame incorporates the new longer rear shock
with increased travel which is essential to get consistent power
and drive down into the dirt. Its your power and you want it down 
in that dirt keeping you winning!..Race after race.

TB-3 Airbox

The Configuration of the TB-3 allows for a natural AIRBOX
This Airbox means that your Carb is better protected from
water. The Carb sits centrally under the tank and tank
shroads, there is no central beam in the way as in the case 
of the crf70 or crf50 type frames. These frames push the carb out 
sideways meaning the Airfilter  becomes more exposed to the elements
and more prone to bogging in damp conditions.
Incidently although we are using CRF110 type plastics here
our frame is unique in the UK in that we have NOT simply
fitted CRF110 plastics to an old CRF70 frame of ours.
Some other brands have done this and have not taken
full advantage of what these new CRF110 plastics have to offer
you as a Race Rider

WPB Race Motorcross Geometry  

New Exclusive and Massive WPB 790mm Forks give huge travel, maximum 
and most importantly the look and feel of a full size MX.
Fitted with 17/14 wheel sets, the ride is as close to a MX
as possible whilst still remaining true to the PITBIKE concept.
A higher headstock allows for the Flat-FAT Bars and the
Bar Pad is exactly the look you expect from a Grown Up Bike.
With the NEW WPB Race there's No need to rely on deep bars 
to get the ride height you all now want.

"WPB WON it with the CRF70 a few years back, now
WPB are winning it once again with the new WPB Race 140 CRF110"

WPB Race CRF110's are the hottest New Bikes of 2015

Updated 24th July 2019

The 2020 WPB Race 160 Bikes , the Hottest bike to
hit the Tracks in 2019 will be backagain int the Autum 2019
The WPB Race 160 Z155

Fitted with 17/14 Big Wheels as standard
an unbeatable price of £999 including delivery.

The WPB Race CRF110 series of bikes are unique, unlike other pitbikes using 
the crf110 size of plastics, WPB have not just bolted these plastics to a previous 
crf70 frame, they have used a whole new crf110 frame specially designed and engineered to take full advantage of all the possibilities that this new body kit allows.

WPB have taken the chance to take the pitbike into a more MX orientated type of use.
The WPB Race crf110 bikes use a LONGER rear shock and a LONGER front fork setup, and Low Rise Fat Bars. This allows for greater suspension travel and therefore a much better ride and power delivery over the roughest of terrain.

There are so many improvements to be found on the
WPB Race range that WPB have taken the relatively quiet approach 
in late 2014 to the marketing and promotion of this bike. They have preferred that
the Race Riding community quietly discovers this new bike for themselves. 
However,Sales exceeded expectations and the WPB Race bikes 
sold out in record time.
Preorders have been taken for the New 2015 stock and these are due to 
arrive shortly for onward delivery to eager customers. 

WPB have also announced that the new 2015 models (due February 2015)
will now include a 160 version, using the awesome z155 engine, this beast
is set to be MEGA on the tracks and circuits this year. 

Imagine this New WPB RACE 160 
14/17 wheels fitted as standard, all round Long Travel Suspension, an awesome
CRF110 Body Kit, everything needed to get that POWER down to the dirt and
to just Blow your Mates Bikes away. All available at the UNBEATABLE value that
WPB have always been known for.