Updated 19th June 2021

NEW WPB Racing Website

Please Click above to Visit the New WPB website now fully live..

Updated 6th May 2021

We are now commencing delivery bookings for the following Preorder Bikes

WPB 110 Boyo

All Stomp Bikes

All Stomp Quads

Not Thumpstar and WPB Race, which are due to arrive later. 

Please Ensure the contact number on your order is correct and contactable during office hours.

Updated 28th April 2021

Deliveries of the Second Pre Order Shipment of 2021

All STOMP Bikes and WPB 110 Boyo Bikes Due to commence dispatch 
from 10th May

WPB Race Series and Thumpstars due Mid to Late May,
we apologise for the extended delays
As soon as we confirm arrivals of the bikes we will be contacting all pre order customers. We will contact customer on order date basis, earliest order first, to confirm your delivery arrangements. 
Delivery Slots for Preorders will be booked during your call.

We can refund your order if you prefer not to wait. 
Just let us know

Updated 22nd October 2020


It is important that we take greater care in the management of customer deliveries during COVID Lockdowns, we will call you to arrange your delivery and discuss a delivery date.
Currently all delivery slots are filled until Tuesday 27th
If your Preorder is due for delivery then your call will be to arrange delivery from Wednesday 28th.
We apologise for the extended delivery of the WPB 190 Beasts

Updated 20th October 2020

We are now Booking your delivery we are working through the Preorder List for WPB 190 Beasts. Preorders go back to Late July so we are calling customers on a first ordered date basis to confirm a delivery date and delivery details, please ensure you are available to take our call using the contact details we have for your order.

You will then receive an email from Paypal confirming your delivery is in process and shortly followed by an email from our courier.Our Phone lines are extremely busy at present we apologise if we cannot take your call. 

Updated 2nd September 2020

For Preorder Bikes due end August 2020 the delivery estimate needs to be extended for another 10-14days, we apologize for this delay. If any preorder customers would prefer not to continue with their order then we can offer an immediate refund.

We will keep customers updated with latest delivery news here on our WPB NEWS page, and will ensure that all customer get their Preorder bikes as soon as possible.

Updated 1st September 2020
Due to the current world events the stocks of Pitbikes and Parts is proving harder to maintain. 
WPB is one of Europes largest Pitbike dealers and is maintaining the supply of bikes and parts despite the current World uncertainties.
Some Bikes are selling out on Pre Order before they even arrive from the factory, we have secured our supply for the next year but demand for bikes is very strong and is always growing.
We are securing as many bikes from our factory as possible to meet the traditional Christmas sales, but this year, more than any other, you need to plan early to ensure that special present is available to you.


Updated 21st August 2020

Once again many of our Bikes and Quads  have sold out. But don't worry we are now taking PRE ORDERS for new stock due to arrive end of August. You can now preorder using PAYPAL on this site.
Please remember all delivery dates are estimates and if an estimate is not suitable please wait until the stock is confirmed to have arrived and then (if they have not all been Preordered by other customers) you can place your order at that time.

Please Note that AUGUST  Bank Holiday is Monday 31st August 2020

Customers will be contacted by email and telephone as soon as we have more precise information and we will then discuss an appropriate delivery day.


Updated 24th July 2020
Don't let any Damage on delivery spoil your day, we can sort it out!
As long as your delivery has not be run over by the lorry then we
can nearly always fix this by sending some replacement parts. Simple scratches and broken plastics are quickly fixed.

Please click the link below...

Just fill in your details and if you cannot find your order number then just put in todays date, as soon as you log this, we will get back to you as soon as possible and resolve the issue.

Updated 22nd July 2020

For Preorder Bikes, we should now have called you to discuss the delivery process,your PAYPAL order status should now be changed to "In Process" with a tracking number status "To follow" from our Couriers, please await this tracking number as this will confirm the time and day of your delivery. 

Updated 13th July 2020

We have just completed our first Preorder dispatches,
these were WPB 110 Boyo and Stomp 110 FXJ bikes.

We had originally notified customers the Stomp Juicebox 90cc and 110cc and Thumpstar bikes starting delivery from today 13th July, but unfortunately these have been delayed until later this week due to a container delay and overloading of the couriers.

We will update all customers with a Courier tracking email as soon as their bikes are due for delivery.

We remind customers waiting for the WPB Race Series bikes that these will commence dispatching  on 20th July, again we will call you to confirm. 

Updated 7th July 2020

We are now working through the PitBike Pre Order List.

We will call you to confirm that you are now ready to take delivery, once you confirm this to us on the phone, we will update your Paypal and you will receive an email dispatch notification from Paypal. You will also later receive an email from the Courier with more accurate delivery and tracking details. 

Please remember that this is currently for all bikes other than the WPB Race Series
This process Will start for WPB Race bikes from 20th July

Updated 6th July 2020

We are sorry if we may have missed your call recently 
our phones are literally ringing off their hooks!
The Pre Order Bikes are due to start arriving at our warehouses from 6th July onwards, this will continue until 20th July when we anticipate all new stock to have arrived. We will commence dispatch of bikes from 6th July Onwards.

The WPB Race Series Bikes will be the Bikes arriving and being dispatched from 20th July
All Dates are provisional until your order dispatch is confirmed by your Paypal Dispatch notice and your Delivery company tracking emails.
This is going to be one of our biggest shipments of bikes EVER and we will do everything possible to make this is as successful as we can for our customers, but we are human, please bare with us, as we work through this mammoth delivery task. 

We will soon send you an email to confirm your purchase and for you to have the chance to cancel your order if you have changed your mind, you only need respond if you wish to cancel your order, please refer back to this page for further updates.
You will then later receive an email with an estimated delivery date again this is for you to respond to only if it proves not possible to make arrangements to be home during the stated periods.

Finally you will be sent the day before delivery a tracking email, confirming dispatch and a delivery day, Unfortunately our deliveries are unable to confirm an Exact TIME of delivery in that day.

Please do NOT make special arrangements to stay home from work until you have been sent a tracking number with a confirmed day of delivery. 

Please check back at this page for further updates

Updated 26th May 2020

All Preorder bikes are now due for delivery in Early July. We cannot confirm an exact delivery day at present but this could extend to 15th July. We will contact all preorder customers to inform them closer to the time of an actual delivery date.
Meanwhile, if you prefer to not wait for your PRE ORDER, then please let us know and we can refund your Preorder.

Currently some Pre Orders have also sold out for July Delivery and these are Now Pre Order for new customer delivery in August.

Also our Parts department has taken a hammering recently and many parts are currently sold out, please call to check current stock status before ordering. Again more stock will be due Late June early July.

Updated 24th July 2019


WPB 190 Beast

Price and detailed specification 
to be announced within a few days.

WPB Welsh Pit Bikes 
Simply the 

Updated 24th July 2019

WPB Parts Help Centre and Superstore
For all Current and Past WPB Stomp and Demon Pitbikes

At WPB we like to keep things simple,
That's why you will find our parts section the easiest
to use in the whole Pitbike industry.
No more endlessly flicking from page to page
looking for what you need.
Just visit our WPB parts page, it's a one stop page,
and you'll get ALL the parts you need
quickly and easily.
We have a Full parts compatibility check list and knowledge base
for all Pitbikes sold within the Range spanning back 15 years.

Simply Order on your phone..

No Need to order online...
No fiddly payment pages...
No Long card numbers...

Select what you need, give us a call and
we can take the order in just a
few short minutes.
We can also offer helpful advice from
Qualified mechanics on parts selection
and fault diagnosis. 
Take the uncertainty out of ordering your
Pitbike parts.
Old School Parts Ordering at its BEST.

Click Telesales Parts List Here..

Of Course you can still
order online using the 
WPB Website shopping Cart
Click here...

Updated 24th July 2019

WPB Race 140 160 Frame Review
TB-3 Frame

After running around like headless chickens for the last 2 months
trying to keep up with the demand and sales of the new WPB Race bikes
the WPB Race team have taken the opportunity
here to discuss and illustrate what all the fuss has been about. 

Take a look at the New TB-3 Frame above.
Racers among you will quickly notice the integral footpeg bar,
this allows for greater sump clearance, less weight and better control.
The WPB TB-3 "Triple Beam" is the most complete frame yet developed
for a Honda C90 configuration engine.Its Geometry is near perfection.
The engine is held rigidly at the optimum position for maximum
power delivery through the new Gull Wing Swingarm to deliver the
engines full drive potential to your rear wheel.
The WPB TB-3 frame incorporates the new longer rear shock
with increased travel which is essential to get consistent power
and drive down into the dirt. Its your power and you want it down 
in that dirt keeping you winning!..Race after race.

TB-3 Airbox

The Configuration of the TB-3 allows for a natural AIRBOX
This Airbox means that your Carb is better protected from
water. The Carb sits centrally under the tank and tank
shroads, there is no central beam in the way as in the case 
of the crf70 or crf50 type frames. These frames push the carb out 
sideways meaning the Airfilter  becomes more exposed to the elements
and more prone to bogging in damp conditions.
Incidently although we are using CRF110 type plastics here
our frame is unique in the UK in that we have NOT simply
fitted CRF110 plastics to an old CRF70 frame of ours.
Some other brands have done this and have not taken
full advantage of what these new CRF110 plastics have to offer
you as a Race Rider

WPB Race Motorcross Geometry  

New Exclusive and Massive WPB 790mm Forks give huge travel, maximum 
and most importantly the look and feel of a full size MX.
Fitted with 17/14 wheel sets, the ride is as close to a MX
as possible whilst still remaining true to the PITBIKE concept.
A higher headstock allows for the Flat-FAT Bars and the
Bar Pad is exactly the look you expect from a Grown Up Bike.
With the NEW WPB Race there's No need to rely on deep bars 
to get the ride height you all now want.

"WPB WON it with the CRF70 a few years back, now
WPB are winning it once again with the new WPB Race 140 CRF110"

WPB Race CRF110's are the hottest New Bikes of 2015

Updated 24th July 2019

The 2020 WPB Race 160 Bikes , the Hottest bike to
hit the Tracks in 2019 will be backagain int the Autum 2019
The WPB Race 160 Z155

Fitted with 17/14 Big Wheels as standard
an unbeatable price of £999 including delivery.

The WPB Race CRF110 series of bikes are unique, unlike other pitbikes using 
the crf110 size of plastics, WPB have not just bolted these plastics to a previous 
crf70 frame, they have used a whole new crf110 frame specially designed and engineered to take full advantage of all the possibilities that this new body kit allows.

WPB have taken the chance to take the pitbike into a more MX orientated type of use.
The WPB Race crf110 bikes use a LONGER rear shock and a LONGER front fork setup, and Low Rise Fat Bars. This allows for greater suspension travel and therefore a much better ride and power delivery over the roughest of terrain.

There are so many improvements to be found on the
WPB Race range that WPB have taken the relatively quiet approach 
in late 2014 to the marketing and promotion of this bike. They have preferred that
the Race Riding community quietly discovers this new bike for themselves. 
However,Sales exceeded expectations and the WPB Race bikes 
sold out in record time.
Preorders have been taken for the New 2015 stock and these are due to 
arrive shortly for onward delivery to eager customers. 

WPB have also announced that the new 2015 models (due February 2015)
will now include a 160 version, using the awesome z155 engine, this beast
is set to be MEGA on the tracks and circuits this year. 

Imagine this New WPB RACE 160 
14/17 wheels fitted as standard, all round Long Travel Suspension, an awesome
CRF110 Body Kit, everything needed to get that POWER down to the dirt and
to just Blow your Mates Bikes away. All available at the UNBEATABLE value that
WPB have always been known for.