Demon Phatboi 140cc  

What is the Phat Boi?

The Phat Boi is Revolutionary Dirtglider. It is like a
2-Wheeled Quad Bike, you get the sure footed handling and 
traction of a Quads 4-Wheels but also the agility of
a 2-wheeled PitBike. The Phat Boi's unique design is just superb at gliding 
over the mud and dirt, its  sure footed and dependable 
power delivery are Revolutionary.
Just like every New Design that hits the Market and fulfills a need, it all seems just so obvious and right when you see it!

 Demon Phatboi 140cc Dirtglider 

So With a market crammed full of Chinese copies, pretty much all following the same trends, Demon X have stepped up their game and come up with something that’s a little ‘different’. 

Phat Boi Demon Phatboi 140cc from WPB Welsh Pit Bikes

The ‘Phat Boi’ as it’s names suggests is extremely PHAT. Utilising massive balloon tyres from the ATV market, Demon X have produced what is quite possibly the raddest looking pit/sand bike ever designed. Powered by a slightly breathed-on YX140 motor, the Phat Boi will mulch its way through any terrain you can throw in its path. 

Phatboi from WPB a Revolutionary new Two Wheeled DirtGlider

 When we tested the Phat Boi back in January 2014, we were simply amazed at how well balanced this bike is and how well it can smash through rough terrain, ruts, sand & mud, it literally is a DirtGlider. Believe it or not is also jumps clean and balanced, as well if not better than any 14/12 pitbike out there.

Phat Boi Demon Phatboi 140cc From WPB Welsh Pit Bikes

So if you are looking to be a little different & be the envy of all your mates on their comparably boring looking pit bikes, look no further than this. Because Demon X is a direct brand, it also means that the Phat Boi is exceptional value for money. To top that off, Demon have manufactured the Phat Boi in the same factory that produces PITSTER PRO, so you can rest assured, not only is it, PHAT, MEAN and FAST, it’s also extremely well put together.


14 HP, YX 140 engine, Molkt Carb, all up N-1234, 4-speed manual gearbox, SP USD Forks with super wide CNC machined billet triple clamps, nitrogen piggy back adjustable rear shock, custom pressed steel wheels with ATV tyres. Custom super wide swingarm with ‘out-rigger’ double chain drive. TTR Style plastics with 3M custom PHAT BOI Graphics. Cromo frame, chrome big bore race exhaust with oval aluminium muffler. Strong MX style kick-start, 7075 alu fat bars, new steel box section pressed sump guard, cast steel spiked heavy duty foot-pegs, heavy duty rubber shock shield (keeps mud/sand off), forged alu control levers. Hi quality ignition & coil pack.