STOMP Z3 160

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The New STOMP Z3-160 is the Result of Stomps Race Winning experience and 
continued design development, it is the development of the
Z-140 and the Z2-140
We have now added an AWESOME 160cc class bike
with big wheels fitted as standard.
When you take the combination of 2 Previous Race Proven bikes and race with Bucci’s 
on the track, Stomp have stepped up the game & proven yet again you 
do not need to spend inordinate amounts of money to have 
seriously FAST World-Class Race Winning Pit Bike

Price £1349
Including Delivery

 1/2 Price Options 


 STOMP Z3 160 Race Report 

"STOMP Z3 160 2021 now Featuring Big Wheels , Beefed up Crank Cases and Needle Roller Gearbox Bearings. The Z155 Race Camshaft Engine is fitted to Stomp and WPB engined bikes, it features the Proven Reliability of the 140cc engine with the highly race tuned performance of a 160 Race class engine, the 18Hp at rear wheel in Stock form is plenty to scare the Pants off the unsuspecting! "

The 2021 Z3-160 has been Upgraded to Now Include Polished Allow Hubs and
HSK Racing Brakes front and rear and Pro Footpegs. The New Detroit Plastics add something new
to the Race scene and are Unique to Stomp

The Z3-160 still boasts the bullet proof z155 Race cam engine. 
Stomp have the standard big wheel version (14/17) for those more into field hacking who need that extra stability in muddy conditions.
The 12/14 optional wheel set is also available for those who like tight technical tracks.



19hp Dyno & Race Tested Latest Generation Engine
26mm Race Carb with 2 stage race foam filter
N1234 all up gearbox
High Capacity Race CNC oil cooler
Race CDI
High Capacity Race Ignition coil


Exclusive Race Engineered Race Geometry Frames
New HiTor SuperSwing Alloy Swingarm System
Swingarms includes provision for 
High Torsional strength wheel spacers
and SuperDry Sealed Wheel bearings
High Impact Lightweight Sumpguard
Race Engineered Rear Subframe 
New 2017 Stomp Detroit Plastics


Titanium Finished Anodised Forks
Drop Forged Titanium Anodised Triple Clamps
 Long Travel Rear Shock
AlloyRear Swingarm 410mm
SuperSwing Frames/Swingarms to take 17/14 wheel upgrades
Replaceable Steel SuperShock Shock pivot bearings

 Wheels and Tyres 

14" rear 17" front MX Innova Pattern Tyres
SuperStrong and Light Steel Rims
SDG pattern SuperStrong hubs
Recessed & Sealed SuperDry Long Life Wheel Bearings
Polished Alloy Hubs


SuperStop Wavey Discs 210mm front and 190mm rear
Single pot Front and Single Pot Rear wheel cylinder
Steel Braided Hose Lines
EBC pattern pads front and rear


KMC 420 pitch Chain
41 tooth rear sprocket
15t front sprocket
Wrap around SuperSlide Swingarm Chain Sliders
New SuperGuard Rear Shock Mud Deflectors

 Bars & Controls 

Titanium Alloy Minibike Pro Taper style Bars
Forged Alloy Levers
Soft Grey SuperGrip Bar grips
Foldback gear Shifter
Heavy Duty 16mm Kickstart Shaft
Pro Footpegs

Stomp Z3-160 Review

"Price vs spec? Stomps predecessors, the Z-140 and Z2-140 were the best-selling pit bike 
in the UK for 4 years. The Z3-160 Big Wheel now takes Stomps winning formula & punts it 
into the stratosphere, pretty much annihilating anything else on the market 
in the same price bracket. It’s £6,000 Bucci performance for under a grand??? 
How the **** have they done this? It’s simple, by racing Bucci’s on the track Stomp 
have stepped up the game & proven yet again you do not need to spend inordinate 
amounts of money to have a seriously FAST world-class pit bike. 
The results on the track tell the full story, the Z3-160 will give more bang 
for your buck than any other machine out there and if you are thinking 
about taking it straight to the track, why not take a look at 
the Z3R cus that monster is race ready out of the crate and 
a full race replica of Troy Becks Podium winning machine."

Stomp z140 CRF70