WPB 125 CRF70  


The legendary WPB 125 crf70 is factory Engineered and Dyno Tested and Race Tuned and includes a single Oval Big-Bore Exhaust system for an ultimate Power delivery to your WPB rear wheel.

Our WPB Race Sponsored riders agree...

"if you want an entry level larger CRF70 Race Bike that will grow with you it has to be the WPB 125 "

"the WPB 125 is a must have Race Bike that will accept any engine upgrade you could wish to fit. Its perfectly feasible to take this bike to an Open Race Class Winner. The true potential BHP Power from a 160cc 4 Valve Race Class engine can easily be accommodated in this frame"

"the WPB 125 crf70 frame is the only and exclusive frame thats been Race Tested & Dyno Proven to handle the awesome Power of ANY Race Tuned Pitbike Engine you could care to fit "


 All New for 2017  
"WPB 125 Featuring the new Upgrades for 2017. SuperStop Wavey Discs front and rear together with the new rear SuperGuard Rear Shock Mudguard make the WPB 125 stand out on the track. Its a 125cc class Race Bike but the 12Hp at rear wheel in Stock form is plenty to scare the Pants off the unsuspecting! 
The Optional 17/14 Wheel Tyre and Tube Kit makes the WPB 125 an Ideal Enduro Class contender. Also a New revised casting Mikuni 22mm carb and WPB filter supply the Gas and Air to this Lushious Beast!"

"We have also introduced the new SuperRange of fitments including...

SuperStop Wavey Discs
SuperDry Sealed Wheel Bearing
SuperGrip Bar grips
SuperSlide Chain Sliders
SuperSwing HiTor Swingarm & Axle spacers
SuperGuard Rear Shock Mud Deflector"



12hp Dyno & Race Tested Latest Generation Engine
22mm Mikuni Type Race Carb with 2 stage race foam filter
Big Valve High lift factory fitted Race camshaft
N1234 all up gearbox
Race CDI
High Capacity Race Ignition coil
Oil Cooler Bracket Provision


Exclusive Race Engineered Race Geometry Frames
New HiTor SuperSwing Swingarm System
Swingarms include provision for 
High Torsional strength wheel spacers
and SuperDry Sealed Wheel Bearings
High Impact Lightweight Sumpguard 
Race Engineered Rear Subframe


295mm 1000lbs piggyback nitrogen filled rear shock
735mm forks
SuperSwing Frames/Swingarms to take 17/14 wheel upgrades
Replaceable Steel SuperShock Shock pivot bearings

 Wheels and Tyres 

12" rear 14" front MX Innova Pattern Tyres
Super Strong and Light Steel Rims
SDG pattern SuperStrog hubs
Recessed & Sealed SuperDry Long Life Wheel Bearings
Optional 17" Front and 14" Rear Wheels


SuperStop Wavey Discs 210mm front and 190mm rear
Dual pot front and Rear wheel cylinder
Steel Braided Hose Lines
EBC pattern pads front and rear
Over Peg Rear Brake pedal-no need for snake cable


KMC 420 pitch Chain
41 tooth rear sprocket
15t front sprocket
Wrap around SuperSlide Swingarm Chain Sliders
New SuperGuard Rear Shock Mud Deflectors

 Bars & Controls 

Titanium Alloy Minibike Pro Taper style Bars
Foldback Levers Adjustable Reach
Soft Grey Supergrip Bar grips
Foldback gear Shifter
Heavy Duty Kickstart Lever and Shaft
Alloy Fuel Cap and Reinforced Poly Resin Tank

The Optional 17"-14" Wheel Tyre And Tube Set

CRF70 Dimensions Diagram

 The WPB 125 CRF70 is UNMATCHED in the UK 
 Quality Value and Price...GUARANTEED 

Go for the BIGGER  CRF70 Style