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NEW 2021 Version with 14/17 BIG WHEELS
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(140cc Engine Shown in Pictures)
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Price £899
Including Delivery

The WPB RACE is THE New Size Pitbike, 

we hope you like our New WPB RACE BIKE.

The Pitbike Story So Far....
WPB were the leaders in bringing the CRF70 style to the Pitbike tracks 
in the UK, now we are proud to bring you the New CRF110 size.
The New WPB RACE Range of Bikes.

After much design and development work here in the UK, 
Our Race Engineers and Test Riders are Ready
to UNLEASH their latest Range of RACE BIKES.

The WPB Race is not just another Pitbike, it is more like a 
full size MotorCross bike than anything else previously available.
The WPB CRF110 RACE Range has received many a favorable review.
There is no other CRF110 style bike in the UK that
has been designed from the ground up like the WPB Race.
The WPB Race has Longer forks, Longer swingarms and an EXCLUSIVE TB-3
frame. WPB Race Bikes are as near to a Full size MX bike
that is possible, Notice the Low Rise FAT Bars, there's  
no need for old style high rise Minibike bars as the 
WPB Race has THE LONGEST Suspension in the UK Front and Rear.



Just take a look at the front end of the WPB Race.


The High Headstock, the Bar Pad, Front Fender 
and Front Number Board
all combine with the Bar position to give 
the WPB Race the look and feel of a 
full size Motorcross Bike.Only the Exclusive
WPB TB-3 Frame offers this in the UK.

THE REAR...What other Riders will see a lot of!

The Rear of the WPB Race is just as Impressive, the Swingarm 
and drive train areas have been designed with Motorcross in mind, 
the bike geometry, plastics and mudguards are ALL there for the 
sole purpose of getting the Maximum Power Down and keeping the mud away.
That's Mud in the eyes for any of your Race Challengers !

The Body and Mudguard of a WPB Race
are better than anything before.
The Plastic Panels deflect mud and debris away
and there is no more relying on the underside of your seat
to act as a mudguard.
The Body is sweeping and aggressive and only a 
Completely New Frame geometry has allowed us to 
achieve this.

The New WPB Race "Full Bike" plastics kits are
Sweeping and Aggressive.... just like a full size MX !

The WPB Race is the most COMPLETE Pitbike to ever Hit the tracks, 
its Geometry and Great New Looks have been designed and tested 
in the UK from day one to give you the Ride and Feel 
of a Full Size Motorcross bike.

The WPB RACE has a completely BRAND-NEW chassis moving from a 
single spine to a TB3-Triple Beam construction. Together with 
a new "GullWing" Swingarm This allows for increased 
rigidity and thus 
stability at high speed, 
but more importantly 
allows space for the 
extra-long rear shock & the subsequent 
huge swing arm travel. 

WPB learned in 2014 that in order to 
match & then beat the best lap times, they needed 
more suspension 
travel, and the all-new TB3 Triple Beam 
design is a 
result of that experience.

WPB Race..Setting the New Race Standards


12hp Dyno & Race Tested Latest Generation Engine
22mm Mikuni Type Race Carb with 2 stage race foam filter
Big Valve High lift factory fitted Race camshaft
N1234 all up gearbox
Race CDI
High Capacity Race Ignition coil
Oil Cooler Bracket Provision

Exclusive Race Engineered Race Geometry Frames
TB3-Triple Beam with Cradle and Perimeter
mounting of Engine
High Impact Lightweight Sumpguard
Revised Frame Top Engine Hangers
Revised Integral Frame Foot Pegs Mounts

New 325mm 1000lbs Nitrogen filled rear shock
New 790mm Upside Down Forks
SuperSwing Frames/Swingarms to take 17/14 wheel upgrades
Replaceable Steel SuperShock Shock Pivot Bearings
Gullwing Rear Swingarm
 Wheels and Tyres 

14" rear 17" front MX Innova Pattern Tyres
SuperStrong and Light Steel Rims
SDG pattern SuperStrong Hubs
Optional 12-14 Wheels

SuperStop Wavey Discs 210mm front and 190mm rear
TWIN Pot Front and Single Pot Rear wheel cylinder
Steel Braided Hose Lines
EBC pattern pads front and rear

KMC Chain
41 tooth rear sprocket
15t front sprocket
Wrap around SuperSlide Swingarm Chain Sliders
 Bars & Controls 

Titanium Alloy Minibike Pro Taper style Fat Bars
Solid Forged ASL-Anti Snap Levers
Soft Grey SuperGrip Bar Grips
Foldback Gear Shifter
ALLOY Triple Clamps
Low Rise FAT Bar style Clamps