We'd like to thank all our customers for contacting us with regard to their Purchases and to thank them for their Kind words.
We try our best to provide the Best Possible service at all times.

Here are just a few our our customer comments and emails.................

Hi WPB, I've been reading on Pitbike Club about the different versions of the CRF70 bikes.
I've tried to compare them both and it seems your WPB has changed a lot since last years
and as far as I can see the ***** is very similar to last years WPB. I can see what you mean about the 
***** swingarm being an older design and the ***** Subframe being too close to the Chain, but I didnt know 
that the WPB frame was completely redesigned for this year. Also the brakes do seem better on a wpb in that they 
are twin pots on the front. Also I can see why you changed factory to get them built  alongside  the Stomps. 
I think that the WPB will hold its value far better than the other copy bikes and this is very important to me
with anything I buy. Stomp and WPB's seem to hold their value well as a top brand and it seems 
not much more expensive to buy a new bike than a second hand one.
Anyway keep up the good work and keep producing excellent bikes, and I can't wait till my WPB arrives on Friday! 

Thank You Welsh Pit Bikes for a prompt and courteous service. 
My sons were amazed at their new WPB 140 pitbikes.
The quality and detailing is far superior  to their friends ***** bikes. 
Although they look similar on the net they are a 
lot different when you take a closer look, we can see why yours are so much better! 
You were very helpful on the phone and answered all my questions, 
including a very helpful link to make assembly a piece of cake, for my sons.
Mrs Cristine H  GLOUCESTER 

Thanks for answering all my emails so promptly I was absolutely amazed at how
good your customer service actually is, I'd heard reports of how GOOD your service was
but this is incredibly good- and so FAST!, so Just one last question and I'm sorry to 
pester you so much, will you be able to recommend upgrade parts and race spares for this bike 
into the future as I've heard some other retailers do not offer very good parts back up!
Andrew T  KENT

Welsh Pit Bikes, thanks for a lightening fast delivery of my sons WPB 110 he is over the
moon and adores his new bike, to be honest I thought he would struggle to put it together
but he had no problems whatsoever, mind you I think he had taken a look at that excellent
tutorial you gave me a link to. And you were right they are quiet and do not cause as much
a noise nuisance to people, the super quiet exhaust is really useful!

Barp barp boyo!, my Dad says he wants a bike now after standing around the field watching
me have fun on my Stomp 140 z-140, I cant wait till he gets his now so I can race him and have 
competitions and stuff. He's just about to reorder now when he comes in and he will be telephoning 
you shortly for another Stomp 140cc z-140.

Just a quick thank you WELSH PIT BIKES  for sorting out the bike for me, really fast efficient service 
and I will highly recommend you to all my friends, both for new bikes and great customer service.

WOW  Welsh Pit Bikes that was QUICK!

Thanks WPB my mates are going to give you a call for 3 more bikes tomorrow.

We just had delivery of the KZR to Switzerland it took a little longer due to the
Swiss border controls but it was still a very fast delivery from time of order.
The bike is superb and as soon as we opened the box we knew we had bought a 
winner! The quality is amazing.
Anton P Switzerland

We were a little nervous about buying a pitbike for our son for the first time, especially when there
are so many cheap  looking ones on ebay. We were so glad to find Welsh Pit Bikes and your 
helpful customer services answered all our questions and took our order speedily. 
TNT delivery was good and the driver even dropped the box into the garage round the back for us.
Its nice to see an internet company that cares and lives up to its promises for a change!

to round things up stomp are simply the best pitbike importers in europe (possibly the world) 
they are substantionaly better that the weak competition ( dodgey demons, other crap) 
they have there own race team which is absolutely top class and features some of britans 
best young talent, they have also took the sport of pitbikeing to the next level in developing 
race ready pitbikes garanteed to win races; the company curretly has outstanding customer 
support and makes shure this high level of service is avadible all year round, in this period of 
time they have been developing a range of extreamly high quality pitbike bike parts under the 
name of hustle, there aim is to produce the finest quality products for affordable prices as they 
are outraged by how other companies are litteraly 'hustleing' young innocent children out of there 
hard earned cash; many people refer to mark and ade as the mother teresas of the pitbike world, 
some even consider them as brave as martin luther king and speculations suggest they could be 
related to chuck norris, all that im trying to say is that stomp racing are britans finiest pitbikeing 
company and i think all the ungratefull a holes should bow down on there knees.
 Quote from z50r     PITBIKECLUB.CO.UK  June 2010

And Finally...........

I'm Really Really Really Annoyed! I hate Welsh Pit Bikes. You have just delivered a new WPB 140
to my friend Tom and he beat me around our track on my ***** What upgrades can you sell me from A 
WPB that will make my ***** as fast as his WPB?