A New and Smaller bike for younger riders.The New 2020 Demon MiniPit 60 using the Awesome new ZS60 engine is the Smallest Pitbike available in the range. The Demon Minpit 60 is the Ideal bike to get the smallest and youngest of riders into Motorsport, a quality product with 4 stroke engine and an unbeatable price, do not be tempted by any 2 Stroke bikes cheaper than this.


"Just like the Legendary JUICEBOX 3 the NEW Demon MiniPit 60 is factory Engineered and Tested to be the ideal bike for Younger Riders. It has a Single speed Gearbox with no Gears, it rides Just like a Manual Bike except you don't need to change gears."

Electric Start for the younger riders ease of use."riders of less than 8 years of age have been enjoying these bikes and if you were considering a PW80 or PY90 then the Demon Minipit 60cc is a far better choice"

The New Demon Minipit 60 has been specifically designed with those who are vertically challenged in mind. We have done away with all the fancy stuff and decided to give you exactly what you've been asking for: a small pit bike suitable for small people at a reasonable price. Although small, the MiniPit 60 is perfectly formed and incredibly tough and durable. Taking its geometry from the Honda CRF50, with low sculpted seat and 10/10 wheels, the MinPit 60 sits lower to the ground, perfect for any beginner. This DEMON 60 utilises a tractable engine with automatic clutch & single speed. This means it is literally twist & go with no gears to worry about. The top speed is restricted to 20 mph and thus this is the perfect bike for young riders (under 16’s must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult)

Stomp ZS 60cc Latest Generation Engine

19mm Carb with 2 stage race foam filter


Electric Start

Lithium Battery

Race CDI

High Capacity Race Ignition coil


Exclusive Race Engineered Race Geometry Frames

New HiTor SuperSwing Swingarm System

Swingarms include provision for

High Torsional strength wheel spacers

and SuperDry Sealed Wheel Bearings


260mm 1000lbs oil filled rear shock

Standard forks

SuperSwing Frames/Swingarms

Replaceable Steel SuperShock Shock pivot bearings

Wheels and Tyres

10" rear 10" front MX Innova Pattern Tyres

Super Strong and Light ALLOY Rims

SDG pattern SuperStrog hubs

Recessed & Sealed SuperDry Long Life Wheel Bearings

Optional Chunky Tyre Upgrades


SuperStop WAVEY Vented Discs front and rear

ULTRA Low Mantainance Cable Operated

brakes front and rear

EBC pattern pads front and rear


KMC 420 pitch Chain

39 tooth rear sprocket

14t front sprocket

Rear Chain and Sprocket Guard

Wrap around SuperSlide Swingarm Chain Sliders

Bars and Controls

Powder Coated Minibike Pro Taper style Bars

Soft Grey Supergrip Bar grips