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At WPB we like to keep ahead of the competition.

That's why you will find all the latest developments in

pitbikes are incorporated to our range before anyone else.

Stomp have EXCLUSIVELY developed the new DETROIT 170cc

The Detroit 170cc is the next stage in pitbike engines,

the Detroit will be pushing the established Race Class Engines

to a whole new exciting level.

The Detroit will be exclusively fitted to WPB Stomp and Demon bikes.

The DEMONX Detroit is factory Engineered and Dyno Tested and Race Tuned to include an Oval Big-Bore Exhaust system for a Power delivery to your DEMON Rear Wheel.

Our WPB Race Sponsored riders agree...

"if you want to push the limits and redefine the Open Class Race series then this is a Bike that will get you noticed, everyone now must consider the DemonX 170 XLR2 Detroit TTR as the new Race Class"

The DEMONX 170 XLR2 Detroit 170 TTR now fitted in the WPB frame and is the only and exclusive frame that's been Race Tested & Dyno Proven to handle the awesome Power of the Detroit 170 Race Tuned Engine.


Heavy Duty standard KTM style kickstart

Race CDI

High Capacity Race Ignition coil


Exclusive Race Engineered Race Geometry Frames

New HiTor SuperSwing Alloy Swingarm System

Swingarms includes provision for

High Torsional strength wheel spacers

and SuperDry Sealed Wheel bearings

High Impact Lightweight Sumpguard

New TTR Style Plastics


Demon X High Rate Loading Rear shock

735mm Forks

SuperSwing Frames/Swingarms to take 17/14 wheel upgrades

Replaceable Steel SuperShock Shock pivot bearings

Wheels and Tyres

14"rear 17" front Demon MX Tyres

SuperStrong and Light Steel Rims

SDG pattern SuperStrong Hubs

Recessed & Sealed SuperDry Long Life Wheel Bearings

Optional 12-14 Wheels


Discs 210mm Front and 190mm Rear

Oversize Single Pot Front and Rear Disc brakes

Steel Braided Hose Lines

EBC pattern pads front and rear

Rear Brake Snake Cable


KMC 420 pitch Chain

41 tooth rear sprocket

15t front sprocket

Wrap around SuperSlide Swingarm Chain Sliders

New SuperGuard Rear Shock Mud Deflectors

Bars & Controls

Titanium Alloy Minibike Pro Taper style Bars

New Strengthened Solid Forged Alloy Levers

Soft Grey SuperGrip Bar Grips

Foldback Gear Shifter

Heavy Duty Kickstart

Alloy Fuel Cap and Reinforced Poly Resin Tank

External oil filter

High Capacity Race "Rad" style oil cooler


STOMP Detroit 170 Engine

Mikuni Race Carb with 2 stage race foam filter

N1234 all up gearbox

So Whats New?

Traditional Rocker

Answer No 1 - Roller Rockers

You may ask why hasn't anybody just increased the capacity of

a pitbike engine more than 160cc ? The answer is technical but with the help of

our WPB Race engineers we will try to explain.

The Extra 10-15cc over a standard stock engine requires a major

engine head rethink, the valve springs have to be uprated a considerable

amount, this puts extra pressure on the cam and increases the drag on the engine

the effect is a diminishing return of power for the extra CC's added.

The Detroit 170 Cam followers have rollers fitted instead of metal pads, this greatly reduces friction and frees up huge chunks of Power.

Also the Detroit has an Aggressive cam profile, rapid valve opening requires steep cam profiles and that profile has to be followed exactly,without error.

The Roller Rockers of the Detroit together with the heavy weight valve springs

means that we are exclusively able to provide Pitbikes to customers with a factory

fitted 170 cc engine.

When you consider the aftermarket retrofit of converting

a 150cc or 160cc to a 170cc the costs are huge.

New Barrel, New Head, Gaskets Time and Labour £££'s

Detroit 170 Customers will now be able to ride the biggest Engined Pitbikes

in stock form.

No more expensive Retro Fit Head Conversions are Required.

The Detroit 170 cc is Here and its putting that power down in the dirt,

exactly where you want it, MORE POWER to get you those Race Wins.

Answer No 2 - Uprated Valve Springs

As we mentioned earlier The Detroit 170 cc has an Aggressive cam

this cam profile needs to be followed accurately.

To do this the Valves springs have to be uprated considerably.

Answer No 2 - Uprated Aggressive Camshaft

The Detroit 170 cc has an Aggressive Cam, everything we mentioned

comes together around this camshaft. The Roller Rockers, The Uprated

Valve Springs and the Aggressive Cam Profile.

Detroit 170 cc provides Exclusive Factory fitted Stock POWER

No more Expensive After Market Tuning Required