Voluntary DVLA Registration

The DVLA allow ALL OUR Off Road bikes, of all shapes and sizes, to be Registered on the DVLA Database.

You will be assigned a Q plate which you may chose to display on your off road bike.

This plate does NOT entitle you to ride ON ROAD

The DVLA Database and Registration is used by the Police to confirm that your Off Road bike is registered in your name

should you be found to be riding on private land the Police can be satisfied that the bike is NOT stolen, and legally registered to you. This helps ensure that your bike remains in your possession whilst any legal issue as to the nature of your off road riding is clarified with the police. This helps saves police time and resources and helps prevents the need for the police to impound your bike. We welcome this Voluntary DVLA Registration of OFF ROAD Bikes and STRONGLY RECOMMEND You register you bike.

Once your OFF Road Registration is complete and your bike is eligible for the ENDURO Class exemptions, you may prepare your bike for a road use registration. This is when you formally apply with an MOT and Insurance and certificate of Newness to get an age related Registration plate for use on Road. Your MOT may be classed full use or restricted to day use. The MOT for Day use requires no lights and is the easiest to obtain.

We Have a administrative Charge of £30 to prepare an off Road registration and a further £30 admin charge for a Certificate of newness.