Road Legal Pitbike Stomp WPB Demon

 We have written this guide so that customers may fully understand  what is entailed when they undertake converting a Pitbike for Road Use.

It Is Not the intention of STOMP WPB OR DEMON to sell bikes for Road use, however a customer may choose to register their bike for road use themselves. We also strongly recommend that Off Road Riders also register their Off Road Bike Voluntarily with the DVLA, Please contact us for more details. Customers may prepare a suitable Pitbike to be registered as an ENDURO class bike with the DVLA. WPB are based in Swansea and we have close proximity to the DVLA also in Swansea.

We have assisted many customer with registrations. We know from experience  that registering a Pit Bike as Road Legal can be a frustrating process, yet again it may  also be easy, it all depends on how well you prepare your documentation we can assist here our Admin fee is only £30

Consumer Advice

Please Note there are Third Party sellers on EBAY etc currently offering so called Road Legal

Stomp WPB and Demon bikes for sale. 

WPB STOMP and DEMON DO NOT APPROVE or ENDORSE these SELLERS These sellers DO NOT have authorization to produce the LEGAL registration documentation required. A CRF50 style bike is NOT eligible for Enduro class registration as it will never meet the 900mm minimum required seat height, these sellers are WRONGLY claiming to be able to register CRF50 style bikes as enduros. A CRF70 and CRF110 style bike may be eligible for Enduro class registration only if additional modifications are made, these sellers are NOT making these modifications. The Selling of Bikes with engines fitted that do not match the registration documentation is illegal. A bike purchased from such a seller is almost certainly likely to have documentation and specification that will invalidate the insurance.  It is for this reason we must advise and protect the consumer and our WPB STOMP and DEMON Brands




They are NOT sold for or warranted for any ROAD USE.

Any conversion of a PitBike to Road Use is a Customer conversion and the customer is entirely responsible for the conversion process and to ensure that the bike is Fit for this New Purpose. In effect the customers have created a new road vehicle themselves.

WPB will not accept any responsibility for damages or injury caused as a result of a customer converting any off

road bike to road use. This responsibility falls upon the Owner, the MOT assessors and the Enduro class registration inspectors.

All Bikes (including pedal cycles) sold are to be used under Qualified Adult Supervision in Areas designated for

the safe and legal use of these off road sporting and competition goods. All Bikes must be assembled by a 

suitably qualified adult and must not be signed off as correctly assembled and fit for purpose by any person under 18 years of age. We strongly recommend only the participation in recognised sporting and competitive 

events with a correctly prepared and maintained bike.

Consumer Self Registration of OFF Road Bikes

You may Register a WPB STOMP or DEMON ,CRF70 , CRF110 and KLX size pitbike as an Enduro Class Bike.

Enduro Class bike has special exemptions for Road Registration.

We are sorry but no off road pitbikes in the UK are currently available with Type approval or Certificates of Conformity.

The usual route to road register a pitbike such as a WPB Race series bike is to apply for an Enduro class registration. The best practice for such registration is to submit the bike for an MOT which indicates its Road worthiness. Basic day use road worthiness requires road class tyres, a horn and a speedo. Please remember that your bike may also be called in for a random Enduro class test at a VOSA station, and therefore your choice of road tyres needs to be 17/14 size to be able to reach the Enduro Class seat height of 900mm. If you buy 14/12 road tyres and are called up for an enduro class check then you will need to fit the bigger wheels and road tyres.

The Exact Registration procedure seems to vary with the DVLA, but the above is the best practice and ensures that your bike is FULLY compliant with all laws and is road worthy and has been fully checked over by qualified mechanics.

All CRF50 size bikes must obtain a MSVA test as they do not meet any special class exemption rules such as Enduro for CRF70 size pitbikes. A MSVA test requires a lot more preparation.

To Road Register you must apply at the DVLA for the Registration together with a MOT Certificate, Certificate or Declaration of Newness, Certificate of Insurance and Sales Invoice.

We are the ONLY sellers of WPB, Stomp And Demon bikes authorised to issue certificates of Newness.

Any other certificates are invalid, as the DVLA Stipulate the Certificate MUST be completed only by the IMPORTER.

We undertake the responsibility of the Certificate authorization extremely seriously, we do not profit from this process like

non approved sellers and are not motivated to register WPB STOMP or DEMON bikes for profit.

All Road registrations of new bikes must be purchased DIRECT from us as at on WPB, tel 07966787710. We are sorry but internet sales of Pitbikes on our website will not be eligible for a Registration assistance unless you have previously discussed the matter with us and we have had the opportunity to explain the process.

We may assist in your effort to register your bike provided that it is new, an older off road bike cannot

be registered as NEW, they must be assigned an older registration Plate or a "Q" Plate

if the age cannot be determined by the DVLA

Some of our bikes to make 125cc LEARNER Road legal are shown here....





Bigger engined WPB Stomp or Demon bikes may be registered but please remember only up to 125cc are eligible as learner legal.

Good luck and just give us a call  when you wish to order your  OFF ROAD bike.