Limited Liability

 WPB Stomp Demon Group, offers no other warranty of any kind, whether it be expressed or implied. The consumer assumes all risks when on, near, or around WPB Stomp Demon Group bikes. Also excluded from this warranty is any incidental or consequential damages including loss of use. You agree to this warranty when you make a purchase of a WPB Stomp Demon Group Pit Bike direct from WPB Stomp Demon Group or from any WPB Stomp Demon Group authorised dealer.

Your Bike comes with a Service Schedule (downloadable here or available on request) this is the minimum service required to maintain your bike and make your bike eligible for Warranty Cover.

All bikes must be assembled by a Qualified person before riding, their service is to identify any issues BEFORE riding your bike. The Qualified person must sign, date and approve the PDI document (Pre Delivery and Ride Inspection) before riding. A copy sent or emailed to us at WPB.

All Bikes MUST have a First Service within 1 Hour of Initial Riding and AT A MAXIMUM OF within 1 Month of the Delivery Date. This is to ensure that any issues are identified within the Warranty Period.

Your bike must also have been additionally serviced in accordance to the service interval schedule in relation to its use.


All Items covered by warranty and considered defective by the customer MUST be returned to  WPB Stomp Demon Group to be inspected and replaced (Please call to discuss). 

If the item is agreed defective the part will be replaced Free of Charge. If the item is deemed not to be an original manufacturing defect and a result of misuse and/or crash damage or incorrect assembly the item will be returned to the customer at the senders expense, or a replacement provided at retail price and delivery charged.

Normal Fair Wear and Tear Service items are not covered by Warranty. These items include ;

Brake Pads, Clutch Plates, Air Filters, Tyres, Tubes, Petrol Filters and other routine Service Items.

Please ALSO Read the Following Document Links Carefully....


WPB and Stomp Owners Manual

To proceed with your Pitbike and Pitbike Parts Warranty claim and acknowledge our Warranty Terms and Conditions please click the link box below and use any Reference Number you have been given by our WPB Stomp Demon Group Representative.

Warranty Claim Link

WPB Stomp Demon GROUP provides a 30 day parts warranty period from date of original retail purchase of  WPB Stomp Demon Group products in the UK. The Group insures that the  pit bike will be free of parts defects under the following conditions: 


Warranty Period: any parts deemed defective by us, will be replaced by us, without charge on receipt of, inspection of & agreement of defect either by us or an authorised dealer. New parts warranted will be covered only for the remaining balance of original warranty period. No Labour is included in the warranty. Fitting is the consumers responsibility whether by a WPB Stomp Demon authorised Dealer or by a qualified motorcycle technician. 


Exclusions: The following are conditions for warranty exclusion Pit bikes that were not purchased from an authorised  dealer, which were/are used for rental purposes, or other commercial use are not covered by any warranty herein. Also excluded from the warranty are, installation of parts not of the WPB Stomp Demon Group make, accident, crash or collision damage, any modifications to original parts, improper maintenance, improper assembly (if not carried out by a WPB Stomp Demon Group authorised dealer) or improper transportation.  

Track and competition use :

WPB Stomp Demon Group fun bikes are not warranted for use on designated motocross, minibike or BMX tracks & therefore failure of components as a result are not covered in any warranty supplied or otherwise implied. 


Owner’s Responsibility: the owner is required, to qualify for this warranty, to operate and maintain his/her  pit bike according to the guidelines specified in the owner’s manual & PDI sheet (including service schedules), to return the pit 

bike to an authorised  WPB Stomp Demon Group dealer should any warranty issue arise along with proof of purchase & Proof of PDI by a qualified motorcycle Technician.